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Welcome to WeSahness, the first shipper community for all of the crazy fans of Wentworth Miller & Sarah Wayne Callies. Here you can find and post news, interviews, pics, icons, vids, fanfics, RPF's and any other material related to them. We hope you have fun! Let your dreams fly and meet other WeSahdicts like you. Enjoy!!!

First and foremost: RESPECT. Respect the actors, the community and our members.


This is a dreamers' community. We distinguish personal and private life from our own fantasies. We enjoy the chemistry, flirtation, laughs and looks of this pair. We enjoy their jokes and their words. But if we talk about their private lives we demand respect. This is very important if we talk about Sarah's husband. She's married and we must respect that fact. Why wouldn't we do that anyway? Mentioning him in this community is forbidden (RPF’s included, but please read those specific rules below), that kills totally the fun (that’s the reason why we created this community, to have fun), so, don’t do it. Any entry or comment that mentions him, will be automatically deleted. If we’re talking about comments I will warn you about it once, just to be sure that you didn’t do it cause you didn’t read this rules (*pokes at you* LOL) This is simply because he's not a celebrity; he's just married to one. We must respect that and leave him out of our craziness, LOL.

And now I repeat, this is a dreamers' community. No bashing. If you think that another member's dream is stupid, keep it to yourself. Only God(s) and prophets know what's gonna happen in the future. In WeSahness our favorite mottos are: "What if", "You never know" and "Anything is possible". Be friendly.

You're more than welcome to this community if you're a shipper or just a Wentworth/Sarah fan.

RPF = Real People Fic. You can post RPF's on WeSahness. Those fics are visible only for members. Posting, distributing, or reproducing them elsewhere is strictly forbidden unless the poster gives you permission. That's a matter of respect.
About Sarah’s husband: Fics posted INSIDE the community may not mention him. If you have (or plan to write) a fic which includes him (that means that you mention his name and he’s an active character in the story) you can post it in your own LJ and then promote it here writing an entry with the link of your fic. That way we’ll be able to read it but we’ll be also respecting the not-to-mention-sarah’s-husband rule.

Anything related to these characters are, therefore, related to Wentworth and Sarah. So, yes!, you can post any MiSa (Michael & Sara) material in this community.

This said, we really hope that you have a great time in here, feel at home and give free rein to your craziness!!!

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